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Exams are a major area of concern for professors who teach Distance Education courses. The following is meant to serve as a guide to how to integrate exams into your coursework. If you have suggestions or comments, please share them with the Director of Distance Education (828-262-6519).

Face-to-Face courses: the Distance Education Office assumes that you will give exams during your regular, scheduled class meeting times. If you need to deviate from that schedule for any reason, you must contact the Distance Ed Office at least 2 weeks prior to the change to make arrangements to insure that you will be able to hold the exam as you plan.

Online courses as part of Hybrid Programs: You may schedule face-to-face exams as part of an online course in a Hybrid program, but you must request space via the course request form, so that our office can make the arrangements in advance of the time you will need the space. You must also inform students before they register for your class (i.e., enter a notation into the course request form about the attendance requirement) so they can plan acccordingly as the natural assumption is that no seated time is required for an online class.

Online courses as part of 100% Online Programs: Professors teaching online courses in 100% online programs may give proctored exams. Ideally, the marketing materials should inform prospective students that proctored exams may be required in at least some of the courses; however, students should not be required to travel long distances to take exams. If you wish to give proctored exams your students will use the UNC General Administration UNC Online Academic Services Exam Proctoring System(click the link to review system). The service provides for the use of in-person proctoring and an online (video camera required) proctoring service ProctorU (click the link to view a webinar about the service) via a system-wide contract. Click here for "Distance Ed Report" (12/15/2012) review of ProctorU. Ed Williamson, Director of the Office of Testing Services, is Appalachian's campus liaison to the Exam Proctoring System. If you have questions or need guidance, please contact the Office of Testing Services.


Students must schedule proctored exam appointments via UNC Online (http://online.northcarolina.edu/). Please call testing center before scheduling to ensure an open seat. Appointments should be scheduled no later than two weeks prior to exam windows. Detailed scheduling instructions should be provided by the instructor.


Students must present a current/legible government issued photo ID prior to each exam appointment.


Electronic devices are not permitted in testing areas (we will provide private lockers for storage of personal items).


Students are responsible for fees related to proctored exams (if a proctor charges a fee, the fee will be displayed in the proctor’s details). Arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes before appointment time (proctors are not obligated to honor missed or late appointments).


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