ASU Placement Testing

080602 library studyingThe Office of Testing Services assists with the coordination of Placement Testing for freshmen and transfer students during June Orientation and throughout the school year.

During or After Orientation Placement Tests

  • Latin - If you have previously taken Latin, you should contact Dr. Richard Spencer, Professor of Latin for guidance on what level of coursework would best fit your needs.  You may be required to take a paper and pencil placement exam and if this is the case, please call the Office of Testing Services at 262-6801 to make an appointment.  Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.  If you have never taken Latin before, you may enroll in beginning Latin without a placement exam.
  • English Placement - ASU will move toward "Directed Self Placement" beginning in January, 2013.  Members of the Composition Program from the Department of English will meet with students during Orientation to distribute information and advice about their placement options.

Before Orientation Placement Tests

For your advisor to prepare your preliminary schedule of classes, you must have completed all the necessary online placement tests before you attend Orientation--and you don't want to leave Orientation without your schedule in hand!

To take these tests, you will need a computer with internet access. Choose one with the fastest possible internet connection (Ethernet or better). If one is not available to you at home, you may access a computer at your school or public library.

Please note that the log in names and passwords are different for the Math and Foreign Lanugage tests, so read the directions carefully!

If you cannot possibly complete all your necessary tests before Orientation, do as many as you can. There will be time alloted during Orientation for students to take any missed placement tests-- but only enough time to take one test!